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Kanupapa movie review - Mohanlal's Oppam Telugu Dubbed version

Kanupapa Movie Review

"Kanupapa" is the movie released today along with Natural Star Nani's Nenu Local movie.So what Happened ? Did Mohan la took over Nani ? Did he won the  Telugu Hearts again ? Is it worth watching Kanupapa ? For all those question here is Kanupapa movie review which gives you answer.

Kanupapa is the dubbed version of Malayalam's Oppam Movie. Mohan lal after a flop record scored a hit with this movie in kerala. He recently entertained Telugu Audience with "Manyam Puli" and "Janatha Garage". Now he is back with "Kanupapa".The Trailer of Kanupapa seems to be interesting and the plot interests you to watch the movie right now.Read Kanupapa Review below,to know how much competition Mohan Lal gave to Natural Star Nani.


  • Ghora rating: 3/5
  • Single Line Review: "Blind Man Hunts Murderer with Heart"
  • Release Date: Feb 3rd,2017
  • Genre: Drama
  • Original Language: Malayalam
  • Dubbed Language: Telugu
  • Play Time : 157 minutes
  • Censor Report: "U"
  • Cast: Mohan lal,Samuthirakani,Anusree,Vimala Raman,Nedumudi Venu,Baby Meenakshi
  • Music: 4 music Ron Ethan Yohan
  • Penned by: Govind Vijayan
  • Dialogues: Priyadarshan 
  • Screenplay: Priyadarshan
  • Scissor guy: M.S.Ayyappan Nair
  • Man Behind Camera: N.K.Ekambaram
  • Banner Name: Aashirvad Cinemas
  • Director: Priyadarshan
  • Money Spent by:  Antony Perumbavoor


Jayaram (Mohan Lal) was a blind man who works as a Lift Operator.He was good and gains everyone's belief in the building he works.In the same building another important character of Kanupapa Justice Krishnamurthy (Nedumudi Venu) spends his life after his retirement.As Krishnamurthy believes so much in Jayaram he asks him to act as a guardian of Nandini (baby Meenakshi). He warns him about the Danger around the girl.Meanwhile Jayaram drops into a murder case as a prime suspect.
Police begin to torture him for the crime he hadn't committed.This wakes the other side of Jayaram. He warns Police to leave him.And now it is the time to reveal Blind Man Jayaram's Martial Arts Skills,His Extraordinary Sense of Smell and Hear.With those Skills Jayaram manages to catch the villains.The rest of the plot will be how a Blind man who was showed as classy amazes audience with his Action skills.

Acting Aspects 

Mohan lal was as usually outstanding in the role of Blind lift man Jayaram. He has given his best and no one can do justification to that role other than Natural actor Jayaram. He completely steals the show with his acting and gestures as a blind man.His emotion scenes with Nandini (Baby Meenakshi) are as Natural as Kerala Coconut oil.Even Baby Meenakshi managed to steal hearts.Remaining two characters of movie Vasudev(Samuthirakani) and Nedumudi Venu lived in their roles.Her bond with Jayaram was amazing.Other cast of the movie well supported the story line of Kanupapa movie. All together it is a perfect cast for Kanupapa movie.

Technical Work

Govind Vijayan Has given a good story for Priyadarshan to work with.The story was really good and work of Priyadarshan over it increased the excitement. Priyadarshan did his best with Kanupapa movie screenplay.When coming to Direction part,he is outstanding .His taking will definitely entertain you.Music was good and Background music in few Action scenes was at top notch.Cinematography by N.K.Ekambaram gloried the screen.Editing work was fine and no regrets with it.


  • Mohan Lal and Baby Meenakshi
  • Story and Screenplay
  • Background music
  • Few Action Scenes
  • Play between Hero and Villain


  • Few Scenes seem unreal
  • Songs
  • Run Time of Movie
  • Drag in Second half


Finally we like to say that If you are a great fan of Mohan Lal, Kanupapa movie will be a treat to watch for you.Even though there are some drags Kanupapa movie has no reason to avoid so. Mohal lal after "Manam" and "Manyam Puli" was back as a Full pledged hero with Kanupapa. In Malayalam it has manages to collect 68 crores,Let's see how much it collect here in Telugu States.

Kanupapa movie Rating : 3/5

Hope you liked reading Kanupapa movie review .Read Nani's Nenu Local movie here. I will be happy replying you in comments.

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