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Evaluation of Ghora Babai and his Reviews

Hi everyone,

This is Ghora babai  from UdayGhad. I know that you guys Feel me as a threat and Evil.But in reality Ghora is a Good and kind-hearted Person.

 I Love children and want them also to love me but they are afraid of me as I thrash their small brain when they try to touch my Mantradanda. This statement is False entirely as I only thrash so when they think about touching it.

Even in some cases Elder ones hate me. They think that I lock doors of their toilets when they went to poop.Oh God that's totally wrong,I only shut water and I am not so interested to lock their toilet doors.

When you ask me about my personal interests I like to say that Books mainly Novels feed my stomach. I totally live reading them.But reading books thing ended a long back.Now the trend has changed and I must update.

"One Day RanaDev Billa approached me and asked me about Bahubali. I revised all my Books but can't find a piece of it. When I asked him who is Bahubali. He showed me Bahubali movie in his soap box mobile.Those Directional skills of Rajamouli Turned my Interests towards movies.From that day I used to watch every Single movie I can and write Reviews Here"

 So I will be  here on every Friday giving reviews on Movies and Performance of Cast & Crew .

So Stay tuned to GhoraReviews.com and Follow me via twitter @GhoraBabai 
Evaluation of Ghora Babai and his Reviews
Reviewed by Ghora Babaion Dec 28 2016
Rating: 5

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